Adonis is A Weight Loss Program For All Men

If you want to get in shape then you need The Adonis Index Program! This revolutionary body building program for men (also known as the Adonis Golden ratio) was written by John Barban, who knows more about weight loss, dieting and fitness for men than just about anyone else alive today.

The proof as to how effective the Adonis Golden ratio is starts here: WITH JOHN BARBAN’S VERY OWN BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES!


Have you ever said to yourself: “I want to get in shape?”

Of course you have – you’re reading this. And you must have some picture in your head of what that shape is supposed to be. You’ll be thinking “I want to lose some weight”, or “I need to build up some muscle”, or “I wish I looked like a movie star.”

Wanting to look better is the first stage but it doesn’t give you a road map to follow. You want to lose weight – but how much? You want to add some serious muscle mass – but how much? The goal has to be specific so that you reach the right size.

Without a clearly defined target you will be unsatisfied; and you’ll be pursuing a goal that is unreasonable, unrealistic or attainable, which is what happens to most men because they are given a false idea of what is achievable by the fitness media, the sports community and Hollywood.

steroidsAlso, it has to be said that the physiques that are seen in fitness magazines, sporting events and TV are often a creation of steroids and other drugs. Just as the media represents a bizarre thin ideal for women leading to anorexia, it depicts an unrealistic muscularity for men that results in the opposite disorder from anorexia, which is called the Adonis Complex.


AdonisComplexThe Adonis Complex is a body image distortion that some men suffer from in the mistaken belief that they need to be bigger.

No matter how big the sufferer gets, he still sees himself as skinny. This is the point when many men start steroid abuse and begin the downward spiral of ever-increasing demands on their bodies….


The solution for this any male problem with body size, fitness, muscle development, or self-image is The Adonis Golden Ratio System.

Whatever your condition to start with, the path leads to a goal of one perfect shape for each individual. And it can be achieved without steroids and without excessive effort. You can soon be on the road to a perfect body and a look that commands respect. Does this sound interesting? 

The Perfect Body Shape

Every man wants to get the perfect shape. Most guys start working out because they feel weak and abnormally skinny. You relate size and strength to social status, confidence and power. Remember back at High School, you always saw that the big guys on the football team got the girls.

John Barban comes to the rescue!

John Barban
John Barban

The author of The Adonis Index Program, John Barban, explains how he made the most amazing discoveries about weight loss and body building, how he learned about the human body, and how this incredible secret changed his entire life – just as it can change yours!

He was at college, working out, gaining some muscle and chasing a goal of 200 pounds bodyweight. He felt having a bodyweight below 200 pounds meant he was less of a man. He imagined being a 200-pound man would bring power, respect and freedom.

Of course, this led him to want to get even bigger with more weight training, supplements, protein powder etc.. But no matter what he tried, he was never satisfied and he just became obsessed with the idea of getting bigger.

When he got to 200 pounds, he just couldn’t get any bigger so he asked one of the really big guys at the gym. This guy told him the real secret to success was anabolic steroids! It was the real and only way to pack on body-building-sized mass. So he tried a steroid called dianabol, and gained muscle and strength fast. He seemed to have the ability to lift more weight at the gym.

Within six months of using the stuff, he was up to 260 pounds and could lift more weight than anyone in the gym. He thought he had the solution. His only concern was how to find and buy good drugs.

Not all the body building magazines work to give you a good body
Body building magazines

But now he realised that the fitness and nutrition adverts were taking credit for the results only drugs can get. And because the people reading the magazines don’t do drugs, they presume that the advice the magazines offered would give them the body of the fitness competitor on the cover.

 Now it became obvious that the culture of body building was leading the trends in the fitness, nutrition and weight loss industries.

The whole industry was based on the fact that you needed to be bigger and heavier which was, of course, nonsense as it couldn’t be done without drugs. So the author put the whole drug conspiracy behind him and gave himself “Permission to be Light”.

This new concept is fairly obvious when you realize it. It is a false ideal to aspire to be big, as it is impossible to gain more than a genetically predetermined amount of muscle weight.

There is a natural limit to the amount of muscle size your body can gain, and once you’ve built that muscle, your body can hold no more. The problems arise when you don’t know your limits and continue to go for an unrealistic ideal that is unattainable without drugs. Every man’s body has an ideal amount of muscle mass which is his maximum.

And to gain the maximum amount of muscle mass possible, The Adonis Golden ratio is the ideal way…..

Read on or click here to see before and after pictures of men who’ve used the Adonis Golden ratio – regardless of their body size… and see how they all look great – LIKE YOU WILL – IN ONLY A FEW WEEKS!

Or, if you want to check out the contents of the Adonis Golden Ratio from John Barban, click here now!

Just What Is The Adonis Ratio?

Here’s a guy who wasted a year of his life before he found the Adonis Index system.

Jason Haynes was doing what everyone else was doing, following advice from guys who were freaks or were on drugs. He tried it all, power-lifting, athlete training, you name it; he tried it.

Just to show you what 4000 calories looks like!
Just to show you what 4000 calories looks like!

He tried everything but nothing was any good. He tried to eat 4000 calories a day to bulk up to big muscles but all he got was fat. After a while he realized he was not going to get ripped by overeating and he needed to stop spending so much on food and so he decided to take the opposite approach and try the Adonis Index systems. And of course it worked like magic.

Jason was motivated by watching his waist shrink week by week. All he needed to do was stay on track and measure the progress.

Jason says: “Stop trying to get big. I know you think that if you are big everyone is going to respect you, but that is not how it works. Get Adonis Index program guys, get ripped, and enjoy life.”

Jason’s Story About Rapid Weight Loss

Jason Gottlieb was overweight but told himself that being average was OK. However, looking back, he was in much worse shape than he realized.

Then he tried working out and got into bodybuilding but was doing all sorts of crazy stuff, like training for large legs and eating six meals a day.

Then he found the Adonis Index and it seemed too good to be true. But the simplest things work best and it was the best thing that could happen. After a few months he completely transformed his body and felt a hundred times better.

Now people ask him how he does it and he tells them: “Accept that simple things work best and take the Adonis Index system. You can eat whatever you want and don’t have to spend three hours in the gym each day. So stop waiting and just get to it.”

the-golden-rectangleBut Just What Is The Golden Ratio?

So we now know that The Golden Ratio is exactly 1:1.618.

The number 1.618 is what mathematicians call an “irrational number” noted by the Greek symbol Phi φ. You can see examples all around in nature and art. It can be seen in seashells, the contour of a tornado, the shape of leaves and the spirals on a pineapple. It is found in the Egyptian pyramids, and great works of art like Michelangelo’s “David” and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”.

In humans, the Golden Ratio is a principle that governs not only the shoulder-to-waist proportion but the shape of the entire human body.

fingerA quick measurement will show that the distance from the top of your head to your navel and the distance from the top of your head to your fingertips is in the Golden Ratio.

The length of each segment of your finger is in The Golden Ratio to the length of the next segment, and the length of your hand is in The Golden Ratio to your forearm.

So if you were to allocate a single ratio to a natural perfect balance, it would be The Golden Ratio.

Even before you start training, your basic bone structure is already in accordance with The Golden Ratio and your basic muscle mass, underneath all that fat, is close to this ratio. The natural form is golden, but to maximize the power of your look, you need to build up a larger golden form starting with your height-to-waist ratio. It can be built naturally but it won’t come about by accident, it needs to be built.

So the question is ‘What is the right look?’ There must be a finish point, a shape and size that we need to go for to improve the look and shape of the body without drugs. We need to know how much muscle can be added and in what proportions those muscles should be built. It is a fair assumption that an attractive body is a healthy body, and a healthy body is lean and muscular.

Research shows that the most accurate way of measuring body fat is taking the waist measurement. [Ness-Abramof, 2008] The waist circumference is the important factor but as men are not all the same height, the ideal waist will be a proportion of the height. So we are now looking for the ideal waist-to-height ratio.

Health researchers have discovered that subjects with a waist-to-height ratio greater than 0.50 demonstrated higher coronary risk factors than those with a ratio less than 0.50 [Hseigh, 2004]. So we know that we need a ratio less than 0.50 but what of other measurements? You could have a ‘good’ waist-to-height ratio but be starved and have no muscle so this alone is simply not enough. The strongest indicator of overall muscle mass is shoulder circumference, measured half way between the nipple and the clavicle. So now we have two measures, both scaled to height, which give a highly predictive value of a lean yet muscular body. In other words, the bigger the shoulder compared with height, the more muscular the man is, and the lower the waist circumference compared with height, the leaner the man will be.

So now we are looking for the ideal proportions. Research on attractiveness shows that the biggest and bulkiest guys turn off most women [Swami 2007], and in fact, many people view bodybuilders as overweight and so excessive muscle will damage your career and financial success. Being the thinnest guy in town is not great either as you look starved and ineffective, so what is the exact proportion?

A close examination of physical attraction research shows repeatedly and consistently that a shoulder-to-waist ratio of about 1:1.6 is the most attractive. But what is particularly special about this number? Research into architecture and sculpture shows that it isn’t just some random ratio, but a special number known as “The Golden Ratio”.

This ratio 1:1.618 governs many natural laws including the proportion of the human body and the growth pattern of animals and plants. It is the key to the human perception of beauty and attraction. It was known to the ancients as phi (Φ) and can be calculated using a progression called the Fibonacci sequence which works as follows.

You start with 1 and then 2 and then get each number in the sequence by adding the previous two numbers like this:

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377…etc.

golden-architectureIf you divide each Fibonacci number with one that comes right before, it you get an approximate answer 1.618 or phi (Φ).

And that is the number which gives us the key to perfect proportions!

Adonis Might Be Your Way To Love

And now let’s hear from Pierre Farine who suffered from depression due to his unfit body until he discovered The Adonis Index program.

Pierre says he was depressed due to his unhealthy state and tried to get in shape but nothing worked.

Adonis Cured His Depression

He was aiming at an unrealistic body image: 220 pounds with 5% body fat. He tried everything he could think of but got nowhere. Then he found The Adonis Index program which really worked! Doing the program helped him to get the perfect body which cured his depression – previously it was with him all the time!

Now he is satisfied with the way he looks, is relaxed and no longer gets angry. He is calmer, feels really great and is happy. And all his friends are totally amazed at the progress he has made not only with his body but in his state of mind. Pierre says, “Get The Adonis Index program and drive the blues away!”

Adonis Index

What Is the Adonis Index? Find out from this video.

So we have seen that The Adonis Index is the ratio of the shoulder circumference to your waist circumference.

To find your own Adonis Index, measure your waist at your belly button while standing in straight posture, arms down and relaxed (no sucking in of your belly allowed!) and the circumference of your shoulders at the widest position, which will be about halfway between your nipples and the collar bone.

This measurement needs to be taken standing in a straight upright posture. Divide the shoulder measurement by the waist measurement to get the ratio, which will be your Adonis Index. The closer your ratio gets to 1.618, the nearer you are to perfect body proportions.

illustration of the golden ratio

Perfect Body Shape!

Now you might think that this sounds easy and that all you have to do is either lose weight around the waist or build up shoulder muscle to get to the Adonis Index.


But you must remember that the perfect form depends on having an ideal waist size. Research shows that women are most attracted to men with a “V” taper together with shoulder and waist measurements close to The Golden Ratio. [Swami 2007, Dixon 2003].

But the waist must be proportional to the height and the ideal waist should be 0.447 times the height.

The Golden Ratio is ideal for several reasons. From a health point of view a waist measurement less than 50% of height is desirable and from an aesthetics point of view, you want a lean taper but not a feminine waist. Research shows that a woman’s most attractive waist is 0.38 to 0.40 times her height, so if man’s waist falls below 0.45 x his height, he starts to look like a girl!

Nothing else will work. Having a big waist and even bulkier shoulders doesn’t work, and having a thin waist with small shoulders is ineffective.

Women report that the look of a man’s body is unattractive no matter how big his shoulders if they’re connected to a fat waist. And everybody knows that women don’t like skinny guys so you can’t improve on the ideal Adonis Index ratio – in either way, bigger or smaller.

Here are some figures in a worked example:

We can calculate what the perfect Adonis Index Ratio is for a six foot man:

Height = 72 inches (in).

Ideal Waist = 44.7% of height = 32.18 in.

Ideal Shoulder Measurement = 1.618 x 32.18 (waist) = 52.07 in.

And of course taller and shorter men have the same ratio.

So you can forget body building, forget about 22-inch arms and forget about weighing 275 or whatever pounds. The Adonis Golden Ratio should be the target for all men of whatever height!

Now we can hear from a guy who learned how to pick up the girls using the Adonis Index workout.

He is Rich Sigona; here’s his experience:

Rich says that he particularly likes the Adonis Golden Ratio Index workout as it is structured so you get the maximum benefit without excessive effort.

It’s an example of how more can be achieved with less, but only if you know what you are doing and where you are going.

But here’s the thing – as you make progress, you become more self-sufficient and more of an alpha male. In fact, people now come to Rich for advice, and look to him for leadership.

Also if you want to hang out with good looking girls, you need to look good too. Women approach Rich because they like what they see.

Girls know what it takes to get in shape and if you don’t make any effort then you will end up with nobody. Before he got his present girlfriend, he knew he had to do something or else no relationship would be possible.

Sidebar- illustration of most attractive body shapes and sizes in women.

most attractive body size and shape in women

His girl says that he makes her feel comfortable and safe, and she likes being with him because she senses his natural confidence.

And he has all this because he got his body in shape. He noticed that his confidence level rose as he improved his fitness – which proved pleasing to both males and females. And, he adds, you don’t have to spend every hour in the gym:

“I thought I would need to spend most of my day at the gym but often more can be achieved with less, when you are focussed. The Adonis Index workout simplified my life and made it a lot easier. The Adonis Index is the best, but be prepared for the compliments you are going to receive every day when you get in shape.”

Adonis and Human Variation

We should now take a look at variation of human size. When the amount of fat we all carry is taken away, there is very little variation in human size.

Many people think there is a great disparity, but in fact the only body section that has potential for substantial variation is fat mass.

body mass index and fat variation with body shape

Indeed there appears to be no upper limit to the quantity of fat the body can store (as can be seen in those unlucky people who have become morbidly obese with body weight in excess of 500 pounds).

Conversely there is no documentation of any man ever gaining pounds of muscle. Even for those taking large amounts of steroids, there is a predictable upper limit of muscle that a man can build. This ceiling of muscle mass becomes more predictable when you remove steroids intake.

Google search result for men on steroids shown below!

pictures of men body building with steroids

Research has shown that a man’s lean mass is very predictable given his height. Science tells us that total body mass, fat-free mass, fat mass, and bone mineral have a positive correlation with height [Heymsfield, 2011]. Also muscle mass can be linearly scaled with height [Janssen, 2000]. In simple terms, the taller you are, the more muscle mass you should have.

There is a rule which applies to all men of all ages and races which states that the only body section that has the potential for substantial variation is fat mass.

This is John Barban – author of the Adonis Golden Ratio – before and after using his own fitness and body-building training system.

author of the adonis golden ratio john barban

This equation can be used with the Adonis Index measurements to tell you the approximate amount of lean body mass you need to attain your Adonis Index goal. In addition, it gives you a fairly accurate overall body weight since most men reach their golden waist ratio  at about 8-10% body fat.

Adonis and The Men Who Use It For Training

Now it’s time to listen to a guy who found a winning weight loss and conditioning program in The Adonis Index. His name is Ben Neimeier and here is his account of how The Adonis Index worked for him.

 Success With The Adonis Index – But Not At First!

workout2Ben tells how he was in bad shape but didn’t realise it due to his fat storage pattern. He had almost no fat at the front but it was stored on other body parts, so although his stomach was flat, he was unfit and frustrated.

He tried many alternatives to the Adonis Index eBook download program, but matters got even worse. These include 8 week weight loss programs, fast dieting recipes, and insane programs which offer false hope of how to lose weight fast.

adonis113And Now Comes The Adonis Index

He then found The Adonis Index and it transformed his life. Everything about the golden ratio weight loss program made sense and he made progress in his workouts and got a better diet and the right nutrition.

adonis117adonis121Now he has a social life. Before the transformation, he could only sit at home and come up with excuses why he should not go out (he was fat, basically).

Now he is no longer embarrassed about his looks and feels totally confident.

adonis122People don’t really understand how their looks contribute to the success and happiness you get in life.

Ben has transformed from introvert to extrovert simply by building muscles on specific body parts and getting lean.

He says it takes effort but you don’t have to live in the gym. He just spent his lunch hour at the gym for several months and watched his diet. That’s all it takes to transform the body…. using moderate exercise, a good diet, and a scientific and effective way to lose weight….

His friends are amazed by the turnaround and ask his advice on how to get fit. Ben says, “Get the The Adonis Index. It makes sense and it’s simple to follow, without any stupid fitness rules. You will see results within weeks. I am living proof of that.” And he certainly is! Body building does not have to be difficult!

The Adonis Index Depends On Some Measurements

adonis118Now we need to know about taking the measurements and making the calculations to show you how to work out your Adonis Index.

This is how you take the measurements.

Firstly, the measuring tape goes around your body like a belt at both shoulders and waist. Stand in good posture with your shoulder back like a soldier on parade.

A myotape is best (if you don’t know what that is, Google it) but a tailor’s measuring tape is good enough. Do the measurements first thing in the morning before eating and don’t take measurements immediately after workout.

adonis120Take the shoulder measurement at the circumference of the entire upper body at the widest part of the shoulders. The tape will align with the top of the arm pit. For the waist measurement, take it right at the belly button and wrap the tape around like a belt.

Now to do the math. As we have seen, the ideal Adonis index waist by our calculations is 44.7%. So your waist should be your Height x 0.447. This is the waist size you aim for to achieve your ideal Adonis Golden Ratio proportions. You can read more about the significance of PHI in the Adonis Golden Ratio download eBook.

Once you have achieved a waist measurement approaching this figure you then need to focus on building your shoulders up to 1.618 times your waist.

The Adonis Index ratio is shoulder size ÷ waist size. Now look up the chart to see the ideal Golden Adonis Index Ratio for your height. Now you know what you have and what to aim for!

adonis119A query that often arises here is “What about somatotype?” It is a fact that not everybody has the same body form, some are ‘big boned’ or naturally skinny.

If you study human anthropometrics, you find that when the fat is removed, we are actually very similarly sized.

Only one factor influences muscle size and shape and that is height. This is why the height-to-waist ratio determines your Adonis Index Ratio.

Skinny or big-boned, if you get a proper workout and nutrition program in place, you can bring your body to its ideal size and form. Every guy of your height can converge to a single perfect body size.

Adonis Success Stories

Adonis Success Stories

working out in the gymNow let’s hear from another guy who had success with The Adonis Index. His name is David Donoghue. Here is his story of how you can stay lean and still build muscle.

After four months working out with the Adonis Index systems, David had some photos taken. He says he was amazed by a massive improvement.

Images of the Adonis Success StoriesBefore he tried the Adonis Index program, he never knew what to do to get in shape or how to work out. He paid no attention to how to lift or to what to eat – and his body showed the evidence of this approach. Once he took up the Adonis Index program, he saw the sense in a logical research-based agenda.

men using adonis succeed in losing weight and fatThe best thing is that he now looks good all year round. He tells us that he tried bulking in the past, but looked awful. Now he trains with the Adonis Golden ratio and he is lean and muscular. He achieved it without spending a fortune on supplements and useless fitness programs. There are many alternatives – the Beach Body Program, P90X, and Insanity are just a few of those that come to mind.

Now he has this part of his life sorted and can sit by the pool and feel confident with his shirt off.

adonis golden ratio offers a fitness program for menMoreover he doesn’t have to deceive himself that there are muscles under that big layer of fat, just hoping it will melt away. He says he is amazed that you can lose fat and gain muscle which is something that your gym buddies, trainers and marketers will tell you is impossible!

People are impressed by his new look, and keep asking him what is the reason he looks so great. They seek advice on how they can transform their own physique. And what is David’s advice?

“Stop worrying about your weight. Nobody cares about your weight. You don’t go about with your weight stamped on your forehead. The important thing is body shape and body proportions. Get The Adonis Index and be diligent with your workouts and you will build muscles while staying lean. You will look good and will never have to do bulking again.”

 adonis indexAdonis Affects All Parts Of The Body

Now we need to mention the other ratios, the arms legs and neck.

The Adonis Index Ratio is plainly the leading and most influential system for changing body proportion as it takes into account the size and shape of the chest, shoulders, upper back and waist.

(The other dimensions of your body that are not accounted for in the Adonis Index Ratio are the forearm, upper arm, thighs, hips and calves. To date there is no authoritative research indicating that these particular measurements need to be at any given size to affect the overall appearance of the body.)

That is not to say that these other muscles shouldn’t be developed. We only know that there has never been sufficient research done to quantify the perfect size for these muscles. Any references you may see on bodybuilding sites are merely opinions and anecdotes.

But you don’t need to worry about it because the Adonis Index Workout programs include a balanced amount of arm and leg training to compliment the work on the primary muscle groups. So the course contains enough work for your arms and legs to fit with your chest, back and shoulders. And you can get this information by eBook, download, or from the site itself.

adonis body building in gymBut there is one circumference that can be useful when dieting and that is the neck measurement. If you diet to lower your waist circumference, you want to lose body fat but gain muscle mass. Research by Friedl 1994 shows that in relatively lean men, those with about 15% body fat, the neck circumference will show up any loss of muscle mass more accurately than any other measurement.

So, if your neck circumference drops by more than two inches, it tells you that you are losing muscle. You are most unlikely to drop more than two inches!

So when you diet, particularly if you are on a rapid weight loss program, the 3 circumferences you should keep track of are your waist, your shoulders, and neck.

These figures will help guide your weight loss program and keep you informed of any potential muscle mass loss.

Adonis Can Bring You Success With Women

Now you might want to hear from a guy who made good with The Adonis Index. His name is Allen Elliott and this is his story.

workout3Allen says that he did not want the conventional body builder look but more of a classic male body shape and wanted to look good 24/7, and this is exactly what he got with The Adonis Index.

workout2Quite a while ago, he used to train tirelessly and wanted to be bigger, stronger and faster. But what was the use of it all? He just went to the gym and lifted ever more heavy weights. All he got was stress and bother with no reward.

Now with The Adonis Index, he is training for looks alone and is stress free and feeling 100% better. Having the perfect Adonis Index is the ultimate goal, and it’s a measurable goal with something to aim at. It helps define the purpose of your training.

He says that he now understands that what you read on body building forums is no use for the natural body builder and regular guy like me and you.

2014-05-08_131802Adonis Index Workouts

Adonis Index Workouts are concerned only with the natural look and symmetry. They get you in shape and without any drugs or artificial intakes. Adonis Index systems are based on your looks and health not on anything you can do with weights or how high you can jump.

Allen says, “Now I have the perfect Hollywood body shape and I look good 24/7 and I achieved this through the Adonis Index program.”

Why The Adonis Index Matters

You may ask why your Adonis Index matters? Well now that we have established what your perfect form is, we might like to think about why it matters.

2014-05-08_131626The fact is that men who have a perfect Adonis Index ratio get a better approval rating from both men and women. People have an innate subliminal reaction to this proportion. Research has been done on this subject (Dixon 2003: Dijkstra 2002) which shows that women are most attracted to a man with the ideal Adonis Index ratio.

This sounds unfair and indeed it is but you can take advantage of this reality. You will find that the allure begins to take effect as soon as you arrive at an Adonis Index of 1.5. If you can build your body into the perfect proportion, or as you get close, you will begin to get the effect that only a few select men ever experience.

Men with the perfect proportion grab the attention of all around just as a stunning woman can mesmerise people when she enters a room. The principles of evolutionary psychology tell us that people are evolved to be attracted to and therefore seek out other people who display what is known as ‘genetic fitness’.

Men look for attractive features in women because those attributes indicate her genetic fitness. Similarly, women look for the same thing in men from on a purely physical basis. And of course the most attractive and genetically fit form is a perfect Adonis Index Ratio.

But the effect doesn’t end with physical attraction. It affects people’s evaluation of you as a whole. It is a fact that everybody will make a judgement about a person’s personality, intelligence, and overall capability within the first ten seconds of setting sight on them.

You will have heard about first impressions. Well it is true and people size you up even before you have spoken to them. As people make judgements so quickly, you need to use your body to your advantage.

The fact is that if you get two guys with the same ability, the same personality, the same facial attractiveness, the same clothes, but one has a noticeably better Adonis Index ratio, then that is the guy who will receive more attention and a more positive response from everyone around.

This is how a golden Adonis Index Ratio will give you an unfair advantage in all areas of your life. This interpersonal reaction and social power is called “The Adonis Effect”.

Adonis Works – Even For Men Who Didn’t Know They Needed it!

Now here are two stories from guys who gained success with the Adonis Index. It worked for them – and it will work for you.

Kidafi Byer’s story

Kidafi relates how before training with the Adonis Index he was tired of being the skinny guy and he very seriously wanted to put on some muscle. He looked for advice on bodybuilding forums and in magazines, but without success.

picture of a workout in a gym picture of men working outHe was left without a clue as to what to do to get in shape and tried to solve the problem with workouts of his own invention. The result was inevitable and he found no success.

He then thought that he ought to eat protein bars and ate one every three hours in order to get up to 200 pounds to look good. This approach was found to be irritating and inflexible, and worse still, it didn’t work. Kidafi had trouble gaining even one pound of muscle.

He was about to give up when he discovered the Adonis Index. He decided to have one last go and got himself a copy. He was amazed by the results. He never had so much muscle before and also had a great muscle definition. He certainly looks a lot better after following the Adonis Golden ratio program than when he used conventional fitness routines, miscellaneous dietary plans and training material he found on body building forums.

picture of fitness weight training and bodybuilding magazines“Now,” he says, “I understand how my body works.” His advice is just to be consistent and follow the Adonis weight lifting and body building program, giving it enough time to work. You will learn to understand how your body works. Be prepared to lift heavy, improve fitness, challenge yourself, and get out of your comfort zone on regular basis. No bad thing, I am sure you will agree, when it comes to stretching yourself and moving forward.

The Adonis Index is not about any special magic food or supplement. It’s a quality workout program that will also make you more knowledgeable so you won’t be suckered by every marketing trap and false advertising.

Kidafi says “Get the Adonis Index program! It’s the best and well worth it.”

Herman Douglas’s story

Herman tells us that he has a personal trainer certification, but until he came across The Adonis Index, he had no real understanding whatsoever about fitness and health.

He had been working out for years and even got a personal trainer certificate, but although he thought he knew it all, he was totally unaware of how unfit he really was, and in fact he just didn’t know nearly as much as he thought he did. The Adonis Golden ratio system was a wake up call for this under-qualified personal trainer!

weight lifting in a gympicture of weight lifting in a gymnasiumAll he really knew was what the supplement companies and fitness magazines told him. He woke up when a friend made fun of him and told him to get fit. He was so annoyed, he had photos taken of himself to prove the point that he was in good condition – but when he saw the back shot, he was horrified. There was a lot of fat on his back that he didn’t even know about because, of course, he had never seen it before. Fat loss and conversion to muscle tissue is a critical part of the Adonis Golden ratio diet, weight lifting, fitness and body building routine. 

But the thing to emphasize here is that this program is really different to all the rest. It isn’t about heavy weight lifting and endless reps.

So Herman met with a guy who looked good and asked him what was the secret? This guy said he was getting first-class results using the Adonis Index, so it was obvious that he was on to something. This was the turning point in Herman’s life. He tried the system and it worked better than expected. He dropped 35 pounds of excess fat and became a regular 175 pounds six-pack guy.

picture of exercise routines used with adonis golden ratioNow Herman fully understands that in order to be bigger and more masculine, you actually need to lose fat and get lean. While it seems to be a challenge to conventional body-building in may ways, the Adonis Index strategy works -  unlike the approach (stuffing endless protein down his throat) he tried before, where he was overeating to get bigger.

Herman says, “The old approach is dumb and doesn’t work. It makes you fat and feel terrible. Now with The Adonis Index program, I look at myself in the mirror, and I say ‘Wow’. When is the last time you stood in front of mirror and said ‘Wow’? It was The Adonis Index program which allowed me to do this!”

Weight Loss and Body Shaping Made Easy

Adonis – The Next Step To “Downloading” A Perfect Body!

The next step is to learn how to build the perfect Adonis Index Ratio and set our goals accordingly.

The author tells us that after he had completed all his research and realized the secret of Adonis Index, he resolved to rebuild his own body as fast as possible. He realised that some of the workout routines he had been using weren’t helping and others were making matters worse. ‘Getting big’ bodybuilding just doesn’t work!

The simple fact is that muscle growth is specific to the body part you are building. Bicep training does not give you better calves – obviously. Equally, stomach muscle training will not give you broader shoulders. So here’s the thing – you must do what is right for both specific parts of your body and your whole system! And that is where the Adonis approach, explained in detail in the eBook, comes into play….

If you train badly, you can create imbalances between your left and right sides, your front and back or your upper and lower body. So if you train out of balance, your body will finish up out of balance.

The trick is to create a workout system with a sole goal of improving the Adonis Index Ratio.

This is why the Adonis Index Workout System has been created. It has the specific aim of building ideal body proportions using the science of exercise with a direct purpose!

picture of the Adonis golden ratio systemBuilding the perfect Adonis Index isn’t easy. It takes a lot of effort and a properly calculated workout schedule. You can’t achieve the ideal in a haphazard manner. Some of the workout advice in modern magazines is just nonsense. In some cases they result in actually making your body look worse.

body building as an industry So you need to focus on what you want to achieve and beware of goal hijacking. Many bodybuilders use power-lifting exercises and find themselves immersed in the power-lifting culture. This culture takes over and distracts from the primary goal.

The Adonis Index Workout System contains a 12 week Muscle Building Foundation program based in power-lifting with a specific goal of building maximum overall mass in accordance with the Adonis Index Ratio.

But you need to be careful that the power-lifting culture does not enter through the back door and take over. Remember that lifting weights is just a method of getting your body into shape and not a goal in itself.

Another common mistake people make is getting hijacked by what is known ‘functional’ style training, which is a type of exercise invented for cyclists, swimmers, oarsmen or such.

These exercises become the latest fad, the ‘cool’ thing to do and everybody gets suckered in. It’s fine to work out for the sake of becoming better at a particular sport, but if you aren’t in that game, then it is useless and it distracts from your specific goal of building your body into its optimum shape.

It’s so easy to get caught up in weird exercises simply because they’re new and different but don’t let some untested novelty hijack your real goal. The next time you see someone doing curls and squats simultaneously, think to yourself “Is that guy really building his body or is it just some stupid fad?”

Also beware of some forms of athletic training. A professional cyclist will have disproportionately large legs and a tiny looking upper body. Competitive swimmers have a strange square look to about their shoulders and disproportionately shaped chest and arms.

These people inadvertently misshape their bodies for a particular sport. This is not to say that you should not partake it sport but do not screw up your body to do it.

Users of Adonis Index will find that their actual athletic performance goes up so if you are looking for success in football or any sport, you will find that as you make progress in the Adonis Index, your sporting prowess will increase accordingly. Remember, a properly proportioned body is the key to success in any sport.

adonis makes body building easySo remember. Stay focussed and keep on track!

The Adonis Appendix

Adonis Golden Ratio Appendix

But that is not the end. As an appendix to the Adonis Golden Ratio, we have a bonus chapter which discusses the “Halo Effect”.

Edward Thorndike - pioneering psychologistThis is a concept proposed by the father of modern educational psychology, Edward Thorndike, who stated: “The halo effect refers to a cognitive bias whereby the perception of a particular trait is influenced by the perception of the former traits in a sequence of interpretations.”

What this means in simple terms is if someone sees one of your traits as superior, then that person will take it that your other characteristics are equally good. It is a human foible to tend to judge others as good or bad without any in-betweens. Now clearly, if you have been using the Adonis system to improve in one area, then this idea means that others will see you as improved in other areas, thanks to the Adonis body building and weight loss program.

And in practical terms this means that attractive people have it easy making a good impression because they are seen as having better characters than the unattractive people – these terms being relative, of course! Nonetheless, Adonis offers you a way to approach self-improvement in all areas, including firming and shaping your body.

This of course is why advertisers use attractive celebrities to endorse their products. These popular idols have no knowledge of the product but their support leads the public to think the product is good.

Thorndike discovered the halo effect while conducting personality research for the US army. He was not the first psychologist to suspect the existence of the halo effect but he was the first to use empirical research to support his studies. He asked commanding officers to evaluate their men and found a high correlation between the positive and negative traits the officers provided.

Solomon Asch - pioneering psychologist working with the halo effect exemplified by the adonis golden ratioAnother eminent psychologist, Solomon Asch, conducted a study that suggests because we see attractiveness as a central trait, we presume that all the other qualities of an attractive person are equally good.


You may be wondering how this all relates to the Adonis bonus system!

harold kelly worked on the principles behind the adonis indexThe psychologist Harold Kelley suggested the first traits we recognize in other people shape our expectations and later influence our understanding and view of their other traits.

In other words, when we first meet someone, we take a quick mental shortcut that decides our opinion. We imbue the person with certain qualities based on one initial perceived value, no matter how immaterial the factors are. To borrow an old cliché, we judge the book by its cover! And once a person has evaluated you, they ignore subsequent findings (the bad stuff) in order to maintain the previous assessment of you. Life is too short to constantly change opinions! This human foible and your knowledge of its existence gives you serious power!

And nowhere is that power more manifest than in the Adonis Golden ratio weight loss, fitness and diet program.

So the Halo Effect gives the right first impression because people make snap judgments and your body is the most visible of your attributes. We know that most people view overweight persons as being irresponsible and idle even though it isn’t necessarily true. Obese people have a label that they can’t shake off. This is known as the ‘reverse halo effect’ or sometimes as ‘the devil effect’. And this judgement is made in the first six seconds of meeting someone.

picture of the adonis golden ratioSo the bottom line is that people pass judgment right away. Just one good or bad trait will influence the way people perceive you as a whole. By improving your Adonis Index, you greatly improve the way people evaluate you and this influence stays on permanently. So you have six seconds to get the Halo Effect to work for you and the most powerful thing you can do to create a positive Halo Effect is having a superior Adonis Index grade.

The plain fact is that your body and your overall look are directly linked to success in your career, your relationship and your social life. All aspects of your life are governed by the evolutionary attraction to genetically fit people and The Golden Ratio gives you what it takes to make good.

You only have one life. Make the most of it. Your body matters in all areas of your life. It is the most powerful tool you have for all life success so take advantage of The Adonis Effect.

Adonis Index Ratio – The Golden Passport To A New Life!

Adonis Golden RatioBody Building Made Easy

So there you have it. That is what The Adonis Golden Ratio is all about. But before I go, I will just recap the whole of this momentous message. The Adonis Golden Ratio is a program which will, if you follow it carefully and meticulously, give you the ideal body and the key to life success!

The Whole Adonis Golden Ratio Message

Yes, it can be summarized in the following points:

  • Represents the Adonis Golden RatioYou do not have to be the biggest guy around to achieve your aims. In fact women have a prejudice against men who are too big. Bigger is not better. There is an optimum size which you should go for, which is the most favourable amount of muscle you can build without steroids.
  • You can’t look like a bodybuilder in a fitness magazine without taking drugs. Also this kind of physique is unnatural, unhealthy and unappealing to women. This is a false look which many people try to achieve but with calamitous results. Don’t be fooled by drugs. You need The Golden Ratio, which can be achieved without steroids or drugs or any damaging material.
  • Steroid pillsDon’t believe that steroids work. They don’t! High doses of stimulants make you feel bad and look stupid. People who want large muscle mass just feel insecure. Your body is your great asset. It is not separate from you: It is you. You can only be successful in life if your body is built for success. Your health is dependant on the body’s condition. The better the body, the more you will succeed.
  • Looking after your body is not mere vanity. The well being of the body is vital for a fulfilling life. You need to keep the body in good shape to achieve your goals. If you fail to maintain the body, it will let you down and you will be worse for it. Remember The Golden Ratio is not only a measure of your outward appearance but an indicator of the state of your health (and appearance – you can look like an Adonis if you really want…)
  • Promoting good body building techniques with the Adonis Golden ratio systemDo not believe that some people have genetically shaped bodies which can’t be altered or improved. With the correct workout, you can get your body fully fit whatever your shape. If you are tall, short, skinny or heavy, The Golden Adonis Index Ratio will give you perfect proportions. One of the benefits of perfect proportions is the ‘Adonis Effect’, by which your physical presence has a powerful subconscious effect on all other people around you, what you might call the ultimate first impression. Remember it is in your power to control your body proportions and harness the effect to good advantage.
  • Remember people start to judge you from the first minute they see you. People can change their opinions over time but if you start with a clear positive impact, you have a flying start. Body building can help this. Weight loss can help even more. A lean musculature can help as well!
  • DumbbellDon’t be fooled into thinking that people see the qualities in others regardless of their shape and size. Human beings are genetically predisposed to seek out and be attracted to those who show the highest level of genetic fitness. For a man this denotes a fit decidedly muscular, lean, vigorous and healthy looking body as measured by The Adonis Index Ratio.
  • The nearer you are to the perfect shape, the more you exude genetic fitness and the stronger will be the reaction people have towards you. You can’t control predetermined nature but you can use it to your advantage. Just consider that studies show that fertile women are attracted to this look. So much so that they are more likely to cheat on their present lover with a man that has the ideal ratio, particularly when her current lover is in poor shape. The author, John Barban, has researched body proportions, physical attraction and social dominance, and he has proved conclusively that the single most important thing you can do for yourself is to build your body into its ideal Golden Adonis Index Ratio.

Get the facts about the Adonis Golden Ratio from this genuine, impartial review